Learn even more about planning the perfect party with advice from friends of BACARDI® Mixers!

  1. Best Dates for Best Friends

    Whether you’re bored with the usual hangouts or just need something new to spice up the weekend, there’s something for everyone on our Best Dates for Best Friends list! You and your BFF will have a blast, and you’ll be amazed what inspiration you’ll find when you least expect it! Read More

  2. Drink Making Hacks

    Looking for fun and easy ways to look like a master mixologist at your next get-together? You’ll impress your friends, your family, and maybe even yourself with these seven Drink Making Hacks from BACARDI® Mixers! From inventive ways to keep things cool and whimsical ways to dress them up, there’s something for every party. Read More

  3. 10 Musts Before Summer Ends

    By now you’re old enough to know there’s no such thing as an endless summer. That just means you’ve got to pack in as much summer fun as you can before the thermometer starts to drop! Make sure you’ve enjoyed each of these essential summer activities at least once before the seasons turn! Read More

  4. How You Hold Your Glass and What It Says About You

    How you hold your drink says a lot about you, but is it saying the right thing? Whether you grasp your glass with a Kung Fu Grip or perch it atop your own Bird’s Nest, find out what your hands are saying (and use it to your advantage)! Read More

  5. Stay-cations 101

    Have a little time off but not enough money to take a vacation? Make the most of an at-home stay-cation with these fun ideas and tips from the BACARDI® Mixers team! Whether it’s a day at the spa or a day exploring your city’s most famous spots, find some unexpected fun this summer! Read More

  6. Million dollar bashes on dime budgets

    Thrill your guests with a posh party experience, without the post-party bills. Read More

  7. Throwing the ultimate block party

    Tips, tricks and things to know to throw the best block party ever! Read More

  8. 100 things to do when it’s 100 degrees

    They don’t call it a cruel, cruel summer for nothing! But don’t worry: We’ve assembled a list of 100 ways to beat the heat! From making your own homemade slip-n-slide to wearing a frozen hat, you’re sure to find some cool new ideas! Read More

  9. MadLib Breakup Letter

    They say, “Breaking up is hard to do!” but it doesn‘t have to be — at least not with our Fill-in-the-Blank Breakup Letter! Free yourself for a fresh summer romance in just a matter of minutes! Read More

  10. Classic 80s Dance Moves

    Putting on your parachute pants can’t bring the 80s back, but they will get you in the mood. Try your hand at these eight essential 80s dance moves! If you were there, you’ll remember all of them. If you weren’t, you’ll be getting down in no time with the raddest moves around! Read More

  11. What Not to Wear to a Pool Party

    Everybody loves a great pool party in the dead of summer, but nobody loves it when “that guy” shows up! Leave the water wings at home and learn how not to be “that guy” with our guide to the 10 biggest fashion faux pas. You’ll be pool party-ready in no time! Read More

  12. The Most American Cities in the USA

    Get inspired for your next 4th of July bash with a road trip to one (or all) of the most American cities in the USA. From some of America’s oldest cities to its youngest up-and-comers, there’s something for everyone on our list! Read More

  13. Unique 4th of July Celebrations

    Most people celebrate the Fourth with a drink, a burger, and some fireworks, but “most people” isn’t everybody! Get some ideas for your Independence Day from these unconventional 4th of July celebrations! Read More

  14. Top 5 Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo

    Cinco de Mayo makes for one wild party, and nothing says Happy Cinco like the margarita! Learn to make five margaritas that will bring some extra festive flare to your get-together — no matter how you’re celebrating! Read More

  15. The Well-Stocked Bar

    The best bartenders know which tools they need to get the job done. We’ll let you in on their secret with the 10 essentials your at-home bar needs! Give yourself everything you need to amaze your friends with your master mixology skills! Read More


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