old fashioned
old fashioned

Electric Razz

Plug in the party energy! Electrify the crowd with this ultra vibrant, super red, great-tasting cocktail that blends fresh raspberries with citrusy lemon and tart cranberry juice. Pour it into an old fashioned glass to illuminate any night. Nothing’s better for charging up your guests’ spirits at a summer holiday gathering or a backyard bash!


Make it quickly & make it best with

Frozen BACARDI® Mixers Margarita

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    Party On

    Ignore the clock and enjoy this sweet party cocktail that is in for the duration!

  2. drink

    Raspberry Rita

    Give a new spin to an old classic with the Raspberry Rita.

  3. drink

    Southern Belle-ini

    Show off your elegance and poise with this classy, just-sweet-enough sensation!

  4. drink

    Sweet Summer Delight

    Enjoy the best summer’s got to offer with this blend of fruit-filled refreshment!

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    That’s My Jam!

    Make your friends totally jelly with this jam-packed sweet sensation!

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    Raspberry Mousse

    Razzle-dazzle your next get-together with this flavorful light delight!


Anytime is partytime with the great taste of frozen BACARDI® Mixers! Find them in the freezer aisle.

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