Start the night off right with the flirty flavors of citrus and strawberry.

Nutrition Information

Try these cocktails made with frozen STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI BACARDI® Mixers

  1. Stress Free Sipper

  2. Gingerberry Daiquiri

  3. Berry Shrub Mocktail

  4. Baked Brie with BACARDI® Mixers Jam

  5. Pomegranate Punch

  6. Hot Pecan Toddy

  7. Seared Strawberry Sipper

  8. TV Tumbler

  9. Pomp and Champagne-stance

  10. 3D-Licious

  11. American Flyer

  12. A+ Punch

  13. Basil Berry Daiquiri

  14. Basil Watermelon Fizz

  15. Berry Berry Daiquiri

  16. Bottomless Summer

  17. Bramble Berry Punch

  18. Chocolate Couture

  19. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Daiquiri

  20. Country Orchard

  21. Evening Tide

  22. Fire and Brimstone

  23. Gold Star Daiquiri


Anytime is partytime with the great taste of frozen BACARDI® Mixers! Find them in the freezer aisle.