Beat the heat with the refreshingly tart taste of lemon-lime.

Nutrition Information

Try these cocktails made with frozen MARGARITA BACARDI® Mixers

  1. Sweet Tea Cooler

  2. The Shorty Shooter

  3. Power Outage Punch

  4. Backyard Sipper

  5. Pistachi-rita

  6. The Emerald Margarita

  7. Southwest Jalapeno Margarita

  8. Fashioned Forward

  9. Viva Las Tomato

  10. American Pastime

  11. Anchors Away

  12. Babbling Brook

  13. Beerita

  14. Berry Bliss

  15. Berry Patch Harvest

  16. Blue-Cucumber Cooler

  17. Blueberry Mai Tai

  18. Bombay Bouquet

  19. Boston Pride

  20. Carefree Caribbean Mojito

  21. Classic Margarita

  22. Cucumber Mint Refresher


Anytime is partytime with the great taste of frozen BACARDI® Mixers! Find them in the freezer aisle.