10 Musts Before Summer Ends

By now you’re old enough to know there’s no such thing as an endless summer. That just means you’ve got to pack in as much summer fun as you can before the thermometer starts to drop! Make sure you’ve enjoyed each of these essential summer activities at least once before the seasons turn!

By now you’re old enough to know there’s no such thing as an endless summer. Inevitably, the days start getting shorter and the leaves begin to change. Don’t get us wrong: We love fall as much as the next guy! But there are some summer essentials that we can’t miss an opportunity to enjoy at least once each year. These are our top 10:

1. Put a towel down. As much as we’d love to say, “Just go to the beach!” we know it’s not always possible. (We’re looking at you, Arizona.) The next best thing to being at a large body of water is to be by any body of water—pool, pond, lake, or otherwise. And if you can’t do that, throw on a bathing suit, lather up with sunscreen, and go outdoors to catch some rays. The sun is calling your name.

2. Go camping. That tent collecting dust in your basement is your ticket to a great summer weekend. Find a campsite not too far away, pack the car, and go. Getting away from home—even if only for a weekend—can do wonders for your peace of mind. Plus, there’s no better time to go than when the sun is shining, the leaves are green, and it’s warm enough outdoors that you could spend all night by the fire.

3. Sit around a bonfire. Even if you don’t go camping, make sure to spend an evening around a bonfire—even if it’s only in your back yard. Whether you cook over it or not, enjoy the warm summer air, the star-littered sky, and the glow of the embers as they slowly burn out. (And the company of your best friends, of course!)

4. Host a barbecue. Nothing says summer like throwing hamburgers on the grill. Invite a dozen of your closest friends over for an afternoon cookout, and ask each of them to bring one thing. Before you know it, you’ll have a fun and tasty feast that can last late into the night. (Make sure one of them brings the BACARDI® Mixers!)

5. See a drive-in movie. If you’ve never seen one, then this is generally just good life advice. If you have seen a drive-in movie, you know how much fun it is to climb onto the hood of your car or into the bed of your truck with a bucket of popcorn and your favorite mixed drinks. (And if you’ve ever seen a drive-in movie on a brisk spring or fall evening, you know how much better it is to do it in the summer.)

6. Go on a road trip. If you haven’t hopped in the car and headed upstate (or downstate, or… leftstate and rightstate?) this summer, it’s time. Pack your bags, put together a mixtape, roll the windows down, and go. Where? It doesn’t matter as long as long as you’ve got the music turned up.

7. Have a picnic. Not every essential summer activity has to take all day. A picnic is a great way to escape to the outdoors with your significant other or BFF for just a few hours. Make some sandwiches, pack some snacks, mix up a thermos of your favorite cocktail, and head for the blanket!

8. Visit the zoo. No matter how many times you’ve been to the zoo, there’s still something fantastic about seeing so many different kinds of animals under a perfect summer blue sky. Plus they usually offer summer programming, so your quick zoo visit could easily turn into an all-day affair with very little effort!

9. Grab a drink at a rooftop bar. There’s something magical about sipping your favorite cocktail under the stars. And when you can do it with a view of the city or with mountains in the background, it’s even better. Do it now before evenings get cool enough that you’ve got to cover up that sundress with a sweater to stay warm!

10. Eat an ice cream cone. Don’t skimp, either. Get the biggest cone they’ve got, and fill it with at least two flavors. Of course you can still eat ice cream year-round, but it will never taste as sweet as it does under the summer sun.

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