100 things to do when it’s 100 degrees

They don’t call it a cruel, cruel summer for nothing! But don’t worry: We’ve assembled a list of 100 ways to beat the heat! From making your own homemade slip-n-slide to wearing a frozen hat, you’re sure to find some cool new ideas!

What happens when summer kicks in full force and the mercury surges to 100? Give in to the fact it’s sweltering hot by finding something super cool to do! Alone or with friends, inside or out, planned or spontaneous, day or night, it’s time to embrace the blast of summer’s heat. We’ve got a few suggestions to help:

100 cool things to do when it’s 100 degrees outside:

1) Run through the sprinkler

2) Stick your head under the water hose

3) Mix up one of 150+ BACARDI® Mixers cocktail recipes

4) Nap in a hammock

5) Read under an umbrella

6) Throw an "It’s Way Too Hot" party

7) Watch a movie about penguins

8) Share some Cucumber Cool Down cocktails

9 Listen to the crickets

10) Wade in water

11) Make extra ice cubes

12) Sip a frozen cocktail with a straw

13) Stand under a ceiling fan

14) Play summer songs with ‘hot’ in the title

15) Take off your shoes (and socks)

16) Enjoy a scoop of ice cream

17) Make Margarita Pops

18) Chew on ice

19) Stand behind a dog’s wagging tail

20) Spritz yourself with water from spray bottle

21) Hold a BACARDI® Mixers Margarita can to your forehead

22) Look at pictures from your ski vacation

23) Change into a linen shirt

24) Have a party in the basement where it’s cooler

25) Put the chaise lounge as far back as it goes

26) Party in front of the air conditioner

27) Wrap your hands around a frozen cocktail glass

29) Make a slip-N-slide

30) Have a water balloon fight

31) Have a friend fan you off

32) Clap when the clouds cover the sun

33) Play "it hasn’t been this hot since ____"

34) Blow bubbles

35) Cool off with Sponge Waterbombs

36) Eat cold watermelon

37) Take a cold shower

38) Close your eyes and pretend it’s winter

39) Crank the AC higher

40) Write a poem titled "Cool Days Ahead"

41) Invite friends over for a "Chillout" party

42) Tweet the temperature

43) Squirt a friend with a water gun

44) Buy a 10-pound bag of ice

45) Sip an on-the-rocks cocktail on a rock in the shade

46) Catch fireflies

47) Put a cold towel on your neck

48) Eat some frozen fruit

49) Do a rain dance

50) Wear an umbrella hat

51) Declare a "Heat Holiday" party

52) Call a friend who lives someplace hotter

53) Make friends with the ice cream man

54) Work on your tan

55) Fry an egg on the driveway

56) Procrastinate yard work

57) Put cucumber slices on your eyelids

58) Watch the bees pollinate

59) Watch a baseball doubleheader on TV

60) Buy a snow cone machine

61) Ride your bike downhill

62) Shop for shoes online

63) Dump buckets of ice water on your head

64) Play "pass the frozen bag of peas"

65) Listen to a podcast

66) Drive to the mall in the AC

67) Get a buzz cut

68) Solve a crossword puzzle

69) Solve another crossword puzzle

70) Walk the freezer aisle very, very slowly

71) Carve an ice sculpture

72) Be a couch potato

73) Count the mosquitoes buzzing

74) Sit still for an hour

75) Watch a season of your favorite show

76) Donate winter clothes

77) Set up a chair by the diving board

78) Lie back on the grass

79) Invent something cool

80) Take a selfie

81) Put an icepack on your head

82) Paint by numbers

83) Play gin rummy

84) Daydream about fall

85) Only serve Frozen Cocktails

86) Use extra cocktail umbrellas

87) Find a pool to use

88) Scream "I can’t take the heat"

89) Text out of town friends the temp

90) Turn on every fan in the house

91) Visit Instantparty.com for DIY ideas

92) Go see a romance flick

93) Go see an action flick

94) Run barefoot through grass

95) Hose down your body

96) Put your hat in the freezer

97) Go ice skating indoors

98) Ask the bees if they’re hot too

99) Bird watch in the backyard

100) Sip a Sweet Summer Delight cocktail

When you’re feeling the heat and it’s too hot to move, find some relief by breaking out this super cool list of 100 things to do when it’s 100 degrees. It’s guaranteed to help you chill out and have fun. And don’t forget to visit InstantParty.com for even more ice-cold recipes, cool DIY’s and awesome party tips!


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