Best Dates for Best Friends

Whether you’re bored with the usual hangouts or just need something new to spice up the weekend, there’s something for everyone on our Best Dates for Best Friends list! You and your BFF will have a blast, and you’ll be amazed what inspiration you’ll find when you least expect it!

In the mood for some fun? Need some fresh ideas? Call up your bestie and hit the town for these best dates for best friends! Whether you’re bored with your usual movie/dinner/shopping routine or simply need to escape the ordinary, there’s sure to be something on our list your BFF and you will love!

1. Thrifting or antiquing. You’ll be amazed what you can find digging through bargain bins at your local thrift shop or scouring the shelves at an antique mall. Your BFF can give you the thumbs up or down on whatever catches your eye, and celebrate with you on your bargain of the day. Whether it’s a costume for your next theme party, a boombox for 80s night, or something even we can’t imagine, your find is sure to spice things up at your next get-together.

2. Fine coupon dining. Your next romantic rendezvous may not be the best time to break out the coupon book, but there’s no reason your best friend and you shouldn’t be frugal! Hunt for coupons for that ultra fancy restaurant you’ve had your eye on, and go wild! Even if the food’s no good, at least you know you’ll love the company! Try timing it with happy hour for even better prices!

3. Embarrassing movies. Whether it’s that animated kids’ movie about a sock who’s trying to find her matching pair or the formulaic rom-com featuring Mr. Handsome, there’s some movie you’re dying to see but absolutely won’t admit to anyone except the person who knows all your secrets, and loves you anyway.

4. Backyard sleepover. Grab your sleeping bag, some snacks and a pitcher of your favorite cocktail and pitch a tent in your back yard. You’ll be amazed how great you feel getting out of the house for just one night—even if it’s just 20 feet out of the house! Spend a night away from the glow of the lights and the buzz of your phone to talk, eat, drink, and gaze at the stars.

5. Binge watch a TV show. Not every date needs to leave the living room. Try staying in and streaming some classic TV show from start to finish—that’s from the pilot through the series finale. While you’re at it, whip together some snacks and drinks from! If nothing else, at least you and your BFF will have tons of new catchphrases!

6. Learn a new sport. There are lots of sports that only take two: tennis, ping pong, badminton, shuffleboard (yes, it’s a sport), etc. The list goes on and on. And if you’re not in the mood to go mano a mano, try learning to ice skate or go for a run. Getting your lungs pumping is a great way to raise your spirits (and it means a lot less guilt as you order that third mixed drink)!

7. Go to a playground. It’s been years, right? Have a blast with this blast from the past. Swing on the swings, hang out on the jungle gym, twirl around on the merry-go-round. It’s a great place to chat and catch up—whether it’s been a few years or just a few hours since you’ve seen each other.

8. Hike a new trail. Getting outdoors is a great way to share an adventure with your best friend and it can be an exciting way to explore the area around you if you head for the wild—at least wild to you! Get online and look up trails in your area, pack plenty of water, and pull on your hiking boots.

9. Sing karaoke. Take advantage of your best friend’s unusually high tolerance for hearing you sing and head to the bar for covers of songs you swore you’d never listen to again! Even if you don’t end up with a record deal, you’ll have made hundreds of memories before the night is through.

10. Science museum. It probably wouldn’t have crossed your mind, but your local science museum can make for an exciting and inexpensive afternoon. Why? They’re filled to the brim with fascinating exhibits, many of which feature interactive elements to help immerse you in what you’re learning about—and many of them aren’t more than a few bucks for admission. You’ll probably learn something new about your oldest pal at the same time!

If your current get-togethers are stuck in a rut, break out and make some new memories with any of these fresh ideas.


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