Classic 80s Dance Moves

Putting on your parachute pants can’t bring the 80s back, but they will get you in the mood. Try your hand at these eight essential 80s dance moves! If you were there, you’ll remember all of them. If you weren’t, you’ll be getting down in no time with the raddest moves around!

Even if you weren’t a valley girl, the 80’s were, like, totally cool! Whether you experienced those neon outfits at their peak, were born while boom boxes were blasting, or just enjoy the legacy that legwarmers left, we want to help you relive the flashiest decade of all time. Get ready for our take on some of the most legendary dance moves that have ever hit the party circuit!

The top 8 dances of the 80’s (in no particular order):


This is one of the most famous and celebrated dances, yet trickiest to master. The idea is to slide your front foot past your back foot — to give the illusion you’re moving forward while you body is actually moving back. Warning, don’t attempt unless you’re a legendary pop star or light on your feet!

Electric Slide

This super funky line of people dancing in unison remains a favorite at wedding celebrations today! You basically take two steps right, two steps left, bend down on your knee, swing back up to face the other direction. Got it? Now imagine that times multiple dancers on the left and right. Wow, the 80’s were complicated.

The Robot

Even before the tech boom, this dance was way ahead of its time. By using stiff and robotic movements, you give the illusion that you’re a machine. It’s a good thing humans haven’t really been replaced by robots on the dance floor. Well, at least not yet.

The Worm

A form of break dancing also known as the caterpillar, this one will make you squirm on the ground — literally. The idea is to create a ripple effect by kicking your legs back, pushing with your hands like a push up, and landing on your feet. If it sounds tricky, that’s because it is.

Walk Like an Egyptian

Inspired by a famous song, this uniquely funky dance is reminiscent of ancient times. It’s all about raising an arm and pointing your palm down so it looks like a cobra standing erect while you move. It’s even more impressive when you’re wearing a bejeweled headdress.


The insane popularity of rap and hip-hop sparked this dance style we all know and love. Spinning on your back or head, popping or locking joints, it inspired crews of dancers to square off and find who had the absolute maddest skills. Which makes us wonder why there isn’t a Breakdancing with the Stars yet.

The Cabbage Patch

This classic gets its name from a popular doll (as if you didn’t know). The dance involves clenching your fists together and moving in a horizontal circular style motion like a boxer. Even if you’ve never set foot in the ring, it’s a fun and easy one to try.

The Running Man

A street "hopping" dance that was briefly popular, this one gained notoriety thanks to some of the biggest rappers around. You basically take step forward and slide your foot back (and repeat with your other foot) to make it look like you’re running to the beat even though you’re standing there in place. Yes, silly, but super fun to watch.

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