Drink Making Hacks

Looking for fun and easy ways to look like a master mixologist at your next get-together? You’ll impress your friends, your family, and maybe even yourself with these seven Drink Making Hacks from BACARDI® Mixers! From inventive ways to keep things cool and whimsical ways to dress them up, there’s something for every party.

Sure, you can throw a party—and a good party at that. But you don’t want to throw just any party. You want it to be memorable. We’ve been there. Never fear! BACARDI® Mixers is here with drink making hacks that will make you a mixology master in no time. Impress your friends, fascinate your family, and amaze even yourself with these seven easy tips:

1. Make crystal clear ice cubes. Looking to impress with a top-tier cocktail look? Clear ice cubes can help. What’s the secret? Bring purified water to a boil, let it cool, and then boil it once more. This will remove any air and minerals from the water (which cause that cloudy look). Once it’s cooled a second time, pour into an ice cube tray and freeze! Voila!

2. Keep things cool without watering them down. If you’re serving anything you mix in large quantities (think punch bowl or pitcher), then your ice may disappear before your drink, resulting in a lackluster experience. Get around it by filling a water bottle 3/4 of the way and then freezing it. Drop it in your punch bowl or pitcher and it’ll work like a mini ice pack!

3. Use frozen fruit to cut down on ice. If your cocktail calls for both fresh fruit and ice, you can get more fruit flavor by substituting frozen fruit for fresh and cutting back on ice! It may take a little trial and error, but once you’ve got the proportions down, you’ll have a great tasting, less diluted drink.

4. Use jam instead of simple syrup. Not crazy about the preparation simple syrup takes? You can use your favorite fruit jam and a splash of lemon or lime juice in its place! It takes just seconds and it’ll give your cocktail its own unique, fruit-forward flare!

5. Use measuring spoons instead of a jigger. Don’t have a fully outfitted bar? You can still make precisely measured cocktails using measuring spoons! Simply double the number of ounces and use that many tablespoons. If your cocktail calls for 3/4 ounces of something, for example, use 1½ tablespoons instead.

6. Up your garnish game. Sliced fruit makes an excellent garnish, but to further impress your friends and party guests, use edible flowers. They’ll lend their intricate aroma to your cocktail, and they’re beautiful to boot!

7. Chill your bottled beers, wines, or liquors in minutes. Your guests are arriving in minutes, and you forgot to chill the alcohol! Don’t worry, but do get a bucket. In it, place whatever you’re trying to chill, and then fill around it with ice and salt (yes, salt). The salt will lower the freezing temperature of the ice, causing it to get much, much colder. In a matter of minutes, your drinks will be wonderfully chilled and ready to serve!

Boom. Your drink game is covered.

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