How You Hold Your Glass and What It Says About You

How you hold your drink says a lot about you, but is it saying the right thing? Whether you grasp your glass with a Kung Fu Grip or perch it atop your own Bird’s Nest, find out what your hands are saying (and use it to your advantage)!

We’ve all heard of body language: the things we say physically—with our facial expressions, our posture, our gestures, etc. But just as important as the way you stand is the way you hold your drink. From across the room, it can tell a prospective party mate more than you want to say—at least before you meet him or her. Does this sound like you?

1. The White Knuckle. “You can have my drink when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers.” Sound familiar? If you’re a White Knuckler, chances are you’re afraid setting your drink down might mean a dry night or—heaven forbid—having to have a conversation without something in your hand. Everybody else sees it, too. Loosen up to avoid being shunned by the other party guests. There are few things worse than shattering a glass at your best friend’s wedding with that too tight grip of yours.

2. The Kung Fu Grip. Not as extreme as the White Knuckle, but no more approachable. Your drink hand is firm and sculpted like the hand of a mid-1970s plastic action figure, and it’d be just at home holding nun chucks. Be careful: that ready-for-action handhold can be just a little bit off-putting. Try spreading you fingers just a hair to give off a more open, inviting aura—one that’s asking for a good time rather than a fight.

3. The Tip Top. If you grasp your glass like the mechanical claw from a penny arcade crane game, this one’s for you. There’s a good chance that casual grasp you’ve got on your glass means you’re the kind of person who doesn’t take anything too seriously. You’ve got a cup, sure, but the real winners tonight will be the memories you’ll make and the people you’ll meet. Carry on.

4. The Pinky Point. You can’t keep a good pinky down. No, seriously: You have a really hard time holding a drink without throwing your pinky in the air like you just don’t care. You may think it’s good fun, but that raised pinky may be giving off a holier-than-thou vibe that might mean you spend the evening in the corner alone. Pull your pinky in and reunite your pinky with its finger-flock—unless you were looking forward to having some time to yourself to catch up on your reading.

5. The Bird’s Nest. You play it safe (but not too safe—see the Sacrifice), and we like that. You’ve got a steady, confident, underhanded hold on your glass, which leaves you open to spread your wings—when you’re ready—and interact with anyone who comes your way. You’re a social little sparrow, and you’re soaring. Keep it up.

6. The Sacrifice. You cup your chalice with two hands as if raising an offering to the gods of party. If that’s the case, may they smile upon you. But if you’re not mid-party prayer, try letting one of those hands go. Keeping your arms crossed across your chest may make you look shy and closed to new people. Removing one of your hands will transform your Sacrifice into the Bird’s Nest—a good first step. If you’re feeling especially free, move that hand from the bottom to the top for the freewheeling Tip Top.

7. The Flower Picker. You’re no stranger to a fine wine, and it shows by the way you grasp your glass at the stem. Elegant and refined, your slight hold on your glass exudes a poise and delicate touch that not many in the room have. With a little practice, you’ll have the finesse for subtle, suggestive adjustments. Put those flirty fingers to work!

8. The Italian Dinner. It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on there. Your fingers are tangled together like a bowl of spaghetti that no lady or tramp is going to want a noodle from. There’s not much guidance we can give apart from this: Sort that mess out before somebody sees you! Knowing is only half the battle! Picking the perfect grip might take some time but you’ll be happier sending the right signals at your next party. So give a few grips a try and see which one best suits you. (And keep an eye out for how others hold their drinks!)

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