MadLib Breakup Letter

They say, “Breaking up is hard to do!” but it doesn‘t have to be — at least not with our Fill-in-the-Blank Breakup Letter! Free yourself for a fresh summer romance in just a matter of minutes!

As a great song once said, Breaking up is hard to do! But it doesn’t have to be — at least not with a little help from BACARDI® Mixers!

Whether you met somebody at last night’s party and need to clean your slate, or if you’ve got your eyes set on summer and want to free yourself for an exciting romantic rendezvous, this MadLib Breakup Letter should help you cut ties without hurting feelings.

Fill in the appropriate blanks, and you’ll be a free agent in no time!


I’m so sorry to have to <VERB> this letter, but I didn’t think I’d have the <PLURAL NOUN> to say what I have to say in person.

Here goes nothing. And everything.

We’ve been <PREPOSITION> for a while now, and it’s been <ADJECTIVE>. I need you to know that. You have always been the <ADJECTIVE ENDING IN -EST> thing that’s ever <VERB (PAST TENSE)> to me, and I don’t regret a single <NOUN> of the time we’ve shared together.

When we met, it was like meeting the other side of myself. We <VERB (PAST TENSE)> at all of the same restaurants. We loved to watch all of the same <PLURAL NOUN>. We listened to all of the same <PLURAL NOUN>.

But we’ve changed.

All you want for dinner is <NATIONALITY> food, and you know my stomach can’t handle exotic <PLURAL NOUN>. I can’t get enough of that <TELEVISION GENRE> that you can’t stand. And if I have to listen to that <MUSIC GENRE> album one more time, I swear I’ll <VERB>!

It’s not that I don’t want you to pursue those things you love. I do! I just think it might be <ADJECTIVE ENDING IN –ER> if we each pursued them separately.

I still <VERB> you — I need you to <VERB> that. It’s summer, and I want to experience it in all its freedom — no matter what that means — and I want you to be free to experience it, too.



p.s. I’m taking the <SHARED PET>. I just think she’ll be <ADJECTIVE ENDING WITH –ER> with me.


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