Memorial Day Fun

Spice up this year’s Memorial Day party with helpful tips from BACARDI® Mixers! From music suggestions to menu recommendations and more. With these fun and patriotic party ideas, your Memorial Day celebration will be one to remember!

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer—even though technically it’s still spring. Nevertheless, the "It’s okay to wear white" wearing season also means kickoff of the summer party season! Why not seize the opportunity to make this year’s get together a bit more unexpected than the traditional red, white and blue?

We’ve got some great inventive ideas that work well for all the party throwing citizens of our great nation. So whether you’re having a BBQ or pool party, inviting 10 friends or 100, it doesn’t really matter. Whatever your reason to party and whoever you’re spending Memorial Day with, these non-traditional tips will help take the cliché out of America’s favorite holiday!

Let’s raise our glasses and party in honor of all the people who have helped make our country great since we became a nation in 1776! Here’s our uniquely American take on how to make Memorial Day more memorable than ever:

1. Have guests B.Y.O.F (bring your own fruit)
Tell everyone to come to the bash bearing their favorite "American" grown fruit—whether it’s an orange, lime, raspberry or watermelon. Then challenge yourself to mix up some vibrant BACARDI® Mixers frozen cocktails using the fruit collection you’ve amassed.

2. Think beyond burgers and dogs.
For a deliciously different spin, surprise your guests with something grown (or raised) on American soil that can be traced to a nearby location. Head to your local farmers market and grab some homegrown ingredients to help inspire your menu.

3. Honor great American heroes
Fill a bowl with nametags of famous and courageous Americans from the past and let your guests "become that person." Whether they pick George Washington, Jackie Robinson, Amelia Earhart or Susan B. Anthony, it’ll add a fun element to the day.

4. Play patriotic games
We’ve got nothing against horseshoes and cornhole. But what about getting your guests in the country-loving spirit with a rowdy game of capture the "state" flag instead? Or, maybe rally the troops for a game of driveway chalk hangman using famous American battles as the theme? Either will engage partygoers and make the day extra patriotic!

5. Crank up the Americana
So much great music was born and created right here in the U.S.A., so share the guitar-picking love! Choose a range of American-born music tracks that were created in different cities around the country and mix the genres together to make the ultimate Memorial Day playlist. Then give your guests a copy as a party favor when they leave.

These are just some easy-to-try suggestions to make your Memorial Day bash even more unforgettable. Try them out, feel free to add your own touch, or invent something we didn’t think of—and let us know so we can share it with the party-throwing world!

Also, don’t forget to check out the BACARDI® Mixers Memorial Day collection for more great recipes and party tips. Cheers!


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