Million dollar bashes on dime budgets

Thrill your guests with a posh party experience, without the post-party bills.

From high-end cocktails your guests would willingly fork up top dollar for at the hippest bar in town, to one of a kind food they’ll think was made by a culinary master, there are plenty of ways to give the appearance that you’ve got a massive party-planning budget—even if you don’t. Here are some rules of thumb to follow so you don’t break the bank (but look like you did):

Set a budget and stick to it.

Don’t let yourself be wowed by pre-made decorations and overpriced mixology sets. Carefully break down how much you have allotted for cocktails, food and decorations, then make sure not to exceed your limit no matter how distracted you get in the planning process.

Co-host with a friend.

A shared occasion party means two people footing the bill rather than one. You can divide up the costs, and both be on the lookout for deals when shopping for party supplies. Plus, besties make the best party planning partners!

Scour the Web for insider tips is a fantastic start if you want awesome suggestions, cocktail recipes, and one-of a kind ideas that can help you get a bigger bang for your buck. Also, check out Pinterest for inspirations, along with party planning and mixology blogs for other unique ideas. Make the Internet your money-saving friend!

Fall in love with the dollar store

Party stores can bust your budget fast. Check out your local dollar store (or discount craft and fabric store) when you’re shopping for DIY supplies or decorations. They’re all great places to pick up the materials that will give your party a glitzy feel for less. Every dollar counts!

Tailor your menu to the season.

Head to the grocery aisle and see what’s on special in terms of meats, and seasonal veggies and fruits as your party date nears. Then find killer recipes to make using these ingredients that you can buy in bulk. (And don’t forget to pick up plenty of BACARDI® Mixers in the frozen aisle while you’re there!)

Serve a few signature drinks.

Instead of offering a dozen different kinds of cocktails, focus in on a few unique creations that will have broad appeal for all your guests. Blend them in bigger quantities, and serve them up in pitchers or a punch bowl. Check out to find over 150 easy-to-make (and deliciously inspiring) recipes. It’s a great pre-party excuse to “try out” which cocktails you think should make the final cut!

Remember the little touches.

Things like personalized cocktail charms and cocktail labels by your drinks don’t cost a lot, but go a long way in terms of making your bash feel high-end. Also giving your guests a small gift to take home, like personalized flute glasses, delicious peach parfaits or a framed digital photo, will make everyone think you went all out!

No, you don’t need a party throwing trust fund to make a memorable bash. It’s possible to maximize the fun and elegance with a limited quantity of dough. Just remember to follow the tips above, give yourself enough time to research and find deals, and get ready to throw your million-dollar bash!


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