Stay-cations 101

Have a little time off but not enough money to take a vacation? Make the most of an at-home stay-cation with these fun ideas and tips from the BACARDI® Mixers team! Whether it’s a day at the spa or a day exploring your city’s most famous spots, find some unexpected fun this summer!

Sometimes you need to get away—and fast! But not everybody has the free time or money (or both) to actually do it. Never fear! Here are our favorite ways to skip the hassle of the TSA and have a five-star stay-cation in your hometown this summer:

1. Be a tourist. It might sound silly, but ask yourself this: How long has it been since you saw your city through a stranger’s eyes? Have you ever? Have you seen all of the things that a first-time visitor to your city should see? You’d be surprised how many Seattleites have never seen the space needle, or how many New Yorkers have never seen the city from the top of the Empire State Building. Swing by your local tourism office to see which sights they recommend and visit those—even if you’ve been once before!

2. Break the routine. A lot of what makes your vacation feel like a getaway is that you’re doing things you wouldn’t normally do. Usually up by 7:00am? Sleep in past 10:00am. Used to an early breakfast followed by a late lunch? Split the difference with a mid-morning brunch at a spot you’ve never eaten before. Mixing things up can do wonders when you feel you need to get away.

3. Inflatable pool party. Let’s face it: one of the best things about an out-of-town vacation is the hotel pool. It’s usually just the right temperature, and there’s no maintenance required—at least not for you. But what if you don’t have a pool of your own? You can bring the hotel pool party home with an inexpensive inflatable pool. Available at most big-box department stores, a small inflatable pool can cost as little as $25 and provides endless wet-ertainment. (Plus, it’s a great excuse to pull out that grill.)

4. Geocaching. Even if you’ve seen every nearby sight there is to see, there are still hidden gems yet to be discovered. Geocaching, which is basically a GPS-aided scavenger hunt, is a fun way to explore lesser-known sides of your neck of the woods! Scouring the city for hidden treasures is a great way to spend a summer afternoon—especially if you’ve got kids. (And after a day in the sun, a BACARDI® Mixers cocktail tastes even more refreshing.)

5. Spa day. You don’t have to go far away to spoil yourself for an afternoon. Call that spa you’ve been dying to try and set something up. It could be anything from an hour in the steam room to an all day escape. Leave no hot stone massage unturned! Pamper yourself with the most relaxing day you can imagine, and you’ll reap its benefits for weeks to come.

6. Host a block party. If you can’t be on your way out of town for a party, then bring the party home. Getting the neighborhood together for an afternoon can be a great way to blow off some steam. Gather in the driveway for a game of basketball or in the backyard for volleyball and a barbecue. Throw hot dogs on the grill, pull out all the fixin’s, mix up a pitcher of BACARDI® Mixers, and let the good times roll. Make your extra special with DIYs and party planning tips you’ll find on our site, too!

Hopefully by now you’ve got some ideas for ways to make the most of your stay-cation days this summer. And remember, any day can become an instant stay-cation in just seconds with a few friends and your favorite BACARDI® Mixers!


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