Throwing the ultimate block party

Tips, tricks and things to know to throw the best block party ever!

Bad music. Burned burgers. Bland cocktails. These are just some of the things that make one summer block party just like every other you’ve been to before. Why not break out of the ordinary and make your big bash more extraordinary? We’ve got some cool ideas and awesomely helpful tips for planning the ultimate block party.

Pick a fun theme.

Leave the typical plastic cup and chip bowl mentality behind. Depending on what time of day your block party is happening, choose a theme to get everyone in the spirit. Whether it’s “luau”, “fiesta” or “dancing under the stars”, set the tone with something creative that gets people excited. Or let people vote online to choose (or write in) a cool theme!

Switch up the entertainment.

It’s all about engaging the crowd—and keeping the fun going. And we don’t mean the usual boring stuff like pin the tail on the donkey. Switch it up with games that break the mold and appeal to all ages. Try outrageous crowd pleasers like the DIY giant toppling tower, street bottle bowling or sponge water bombs if it’s a sweltering day. Throw in some games with prizes and people will never want to leave!

Serve unique cocktails.

Forget the bottles of beer and wine. Piña Coladas garnished with fresh pineapple and cherries, great cocktails are the best way to up the festive spirit for large crowds! If you really want to wow people, grab a long extension cord and blend up one of over 150 delicious recipes at on the spot. Who doesn’t love fresh poured cocktail?

Decorate with style.

Say no to red and white tablecloths and boring balloons. Transform your block into a party fun zone with one-of-a-kind DIY decorations that really sparkle. Whether it’s glow in the dark jars to light things up or paper tablecloths people can draw on, there are lots of inexpensive ways to add flair to your block party.

Get the crowd cooking.

Don’t micro-manage the menu. Invite people to bring a side dish to match the party theme (and cut down on the burden of having to cook it all). It’s a great way to add variety and get everyone excited about pitching in. Use an online signup sheet so you can keep track of who’s making what. The more food there is the better!

Change the beat.

Playing bad pop tunes through a bad PA system at your block party is just, well, bad. Instead, ask around to see if anyone in your neighborhood is a DJ, plays in a band, or is a pro at mixing music to make some songs you can stream to match your party theme (and have dance competitions to up the fun factor!) Better yet, check out the BACARDI® Mixers channel on Pandora®!

Nothing’s worse than a boring block party. But throwing the ultimate block party isn’t as impossible as it seems. Just get help from the right people, try some of the ideas outlined here, stock up with plenty of ice and your favorite BACARDI® Mixers, and prepare to become the block party hero everyone will adore!


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