What Not to Wear to a Pool Party

Everybody loves a great pool party in the dead of summer, but nobody loves it when “that guy” shows up! Leave the water wings at home and learn how not to be “that guy” with our guide to the 10 biggest fashion faux pas. You’ll be pool party-ready in no time!

Summer is the ultimate season for super fun times around the pool. But lots can go wrong if you’re not properly suited for the occasion.

That’s why it’s important to follow the basics of poolside etiquette in order to make sure you don’t draw unwanted stares or gasps from other guests. Whether you’re hosting a pool party or going to one, these are great rules to follow if you want to make the right impression by not wearing the wrong thing.

No matter how much you’re tempted, don’t (under any circumstances) wear:

Swim briefs. If you’re not an Olympian, it’s a bad call. Go for swim trunks that resemble shorts. These days, they come in a huge variety of patterns and colors designed for the non-professional athletes of the world.

Oversized-tees. Down-to-your-knees tees should never, ever be worn to go swimming. Always dive in without covering up your favorite bathing suit — and don’t forget to apply lots of sunscreen before and after hitting the water.

Leather bags. Unless you’re looking to ruin an expensive pocketbook when a guest performs a surprise cannonball, you can still look great with a nylon waterproof tote that can easily accommodate your party essentials like a towel, sunscreen and valuables.

Hotel bathrobes. That’s just tacky. It shows you’re a thief and provides free advertising for the last hotel you spent the night at. Instead, choose something more casual that doesn’t scream, “I steal more than mini bottles of shampoo!”

Excessive perfume. Overdo the scent and you run the risk of being mauled by bloodthirsty mosquitos once the sun starts going down. Instead, use fragrance sparingly and enjoy the night itch-free!

Stilettos. High heels are a no-no by the H20. Hey, what if you slip and fall in the pool on the way to a chaise lounge? Not good at all. Opt for waterproof sandals that make walking on slippery ground way easier.

Thongs (of any kind). This isn’t the beach in Brazil. If you’re a lady, go for a suit that suits your body and flatters but doesn’t draw unnecessary attention from guests.

Flannel. It’s great if you’re a lumberjack or gearing up for brisk fall weather. Not so good when the sun’s beating down and it sticks to your skin. Try lighter fibers like nylon and cotton blends.

Wool hats. Yes, they may be hip and trendy, but totally not so cool on blazing hot days. Why not go for a straw hat or something made of canvas to keep you comfortable all day long.

Temporary “animal” tattoos. If you feel like flaunting a temporary tat, just make sure it’s not something cute and cuddly. Choose guitars, pirates and landmarks from famous cities over baby bunnies and kittens. Or your reputation might suffer.

If you remember to wear the right thing and be yourself, you’ll make the right kind of fashion “splash” at your next pool party! So dress appropriately, grab a cool BACARDI® Mixers cocktail, and dip into those hot summer gatherings looking sharp!


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