Give your soirée a personal touch with ideas for do-it-yourself games, décor and more from BACARDI® Mixers!

New & In Season diys

  1. DIY Fall Centerpiece

    DIY Fall Centerpiece

  2. Candied Citrus Slices DIY

    Candied Citrus Slices DIY

  3. Planted Herb Party Favor

    Planted Herb Party Favor

  4. Donut Centerpiece

    Donut Centerpiece

  5. Mini Pinatas

    Mini Pinatas

  6. Stamped Wrapping Paper

    Stamped Wrapping Paper

  7. Paper Bows

    Paper Bows

  8. Bingo Cards

    Bingo Cards

  9. Balloon Garland

    Balloon Garland

  1. Pumpkin Vase

    Pumpkin Vase

  2. Trick or Treat Boxes

    Trick or Treat Boxes

  3. Popcorn Bar

    Popcorn Bar

  4. Popcorn Bar Topping Tags

    Popcorn Bar Topping Tags

  5. Heart Cut Fruit Garnishes

    Heart Cut Fruit Garnishes

  6. Heart to Heart Conversation Starters

    Heart to Heart Conversation Starters

  7. Honey & Coconut Face Mask

    Honey & Coconut Face Mask

  8. Drink Name Tags

    Drink Name Tags

  9. Colorful Yarn Chandeliers

    Colorful Yarn Chandeliers

  10. Stars & Stripes Painted Platter

    Stars & Stripes Painted Platter

  11. Sparkler Holder

    Sparkler Holder

  12. Pinwheels


  13. Frozen Water Balloons

    Frozen Water Balloons

  14. Pavement Art Stencils

    Pavement Art Stencils

  15. Flag Cocktail Stirrers

    Flag Cocktail Stirrers

  16. Garnish Ice Cubes

    Garnish Ice Cubes

  17. Party Banner

    Party Banner

  18. Paper Flower Marquee Letters

    Paper Flower Marquee Letters

  19. Glow-in-the-Dark Ice

    Glow-in-the-Dark Ice

  20. Party Sliced Watermelon

    Party Sliced Watermelon

  21. Dry Erase Party Menu Board

    Dry Erase Party Menu Board

  22. Citronella Mason Jar Candles

    Citronella Mason Jar Candles

  23. Clothespin Flag Wreath

    Clothespin Flag Wreath

  24. Lawn Tile Word Game

    Lawn Tile Word Game

  25. Tie-Dye Beach Cover-Ups

    Tie-Dye Beach Cover-Ups

  26. Knotted Hammock

    Knotted Hammock

  27. Beach Party Photo Booth

    Beach Party Photo Booth

  28. CD Wall Art

    CD Wall Art

  29. Make-Your-Own Game Wheel

    Make-Your-Own Game Wheel

  30. Spice Rub and Gift Jars

    Spice Rub and Gift Jars

  31. Balloon Piñatas

    Balloon Piñatas

  32. Ballpark Frank Bar

    Ballpark Frank Bar

  33. Baseball Garland

    Baseball Garland

  34. Bean Bag Toss

    Bean Bag Toss

  35. Mason Jar Candle Holders

    Mason Jar Candle Holders

  36. Basket Bouquets

    Basket Bouquets

  37. Candy Corn Favors

    Candy Corn Favors

  38. Chalkboard Cheeseboard

    Chalkboard Cheeseboard

  39. Fabric Chandelier

    Fabric Chandelier

  40. Cherry Flower Garnishes

    Cherry Flower Garnishes

  41. Citrus Twist Garnishes

    Citrus Twist Garnishes

  42. Cocktail Boats

    Cocktail Boats

  43. Confetti Balloons

    Confetti Balloons

  44. Cork Coasters

    Cork Coasters

  45. Cranberry Coladas

    Cranberry Coladas

  46. Cucumber Flower Garnishes

    Cucumber Flower Garnishes

  47. Cucumber Twist Garnishes

    Cucumber Twist Garnishes

  48. Custom Cocktail Charms

    Custom Cocktail Charms

  49. Disco Ball Garnishes

    Disco Ball Garnishes

  50. DIY Koozies

    DIY Koozies

  51. Fantastic Fans

    Fantastic Fans

  52. Flower Pot Utensil Holder

    Flower Pot Utensil Holder

  53. Foamy, Fizzy Drink Toppers

    Foamy, Fizzy Drink Toppers

  54. Fringe Backdrop

    Fringe Backdrop

  55. Giant Toppling Tower Game

    Giant Toppling Tower Game

  56. Ginger Garnishes

    Ginger Garnishes

  57. Glitter Mason Jars

    Glitter Mason Jars

  58. Glow in the Dark Jars

    Glow in the Dark Jars

  59. Gummy Ice Cubes

    Gummy Ice Cubes

  60. Hanging Lights

    Hanging Lights

  61. High Roller Margaritas

    High Roller Margaritas

  62. Marbled Glassware

    Marbled Glassware

  63. Margarita Pops

    Margarita Pops

  64. Neon Napkins

    Neon Napkins

  65. One Drink Three Ways

    One Drink Three Ways

  66. Orange Peel Candles

    Orange Peel Candles

  67. Painted TV Trays

    Painted TV Trays

  68. Paper Lanterns

    Paper Lanterns

  69. Patriotic Flower Display

    Patriotic Flower Display

  70. Peach Parfaits

    Peach Parfaits

  71. Perfect Margaritas

    Perfect Margaritas

  72. Perfect Party Bar

    Perfect Party Bar

  73. Personalized Flutes

    Personalized Flutes

  74. Photo Booth Background

    Photo Booth Background

  75. Playing Card Drink Charms

    Playing Card Drink Charms

  76. Pool Noodle Garland

    Pool Noodle Garland

  77. Record Snack Bowls

    Record Snack Bowls

  78. Ring Toss

    Ring Toss

  79. Salt a Cocktail Glass

    Salt a Cocktail Glass

  80. Shake and Strain a Drink

    Shake and Strain a Drink

  81. Silhouette Candles

    Silhouette Candles

  82. Soccer Ball Lanterns

    Soccer Ball Lanterns

  83. Sponge Waterbombs

    Sponge Waterbombs

  84. Spring Picnic Kit

    Spring Picnic Kit

  85. Star Spangled Drink Coasters

    Star Spangled Drink Coasters

  86. Sugared Fruit Garnishes

    Sugared Fruit Garnishes

  87. Tin Can Windsocks

    Tin Can Windsocks

  88. Watermelon Drink Dispenser

    Watermelon Drink Dispenser


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