Citronella Mason Jar Candles

Keep uninvited guests away from your party with these beautiful Citronella Mason Jar Candles! With citronella, fresh citrus, and herbs, they look good and smell great! They’re a great way to add a little glow to your evening while making your backyard bash even more enjoyable!

  • You’ll Need:
  • Clear Mason Jars
  • Citronella Oil
  • Floating Candles
  • Fresh citrus, such as Lemons or Limes
  • Fresh herbs such as Rosemary, Mint, Basil or Sage
  • Step 1

    Slice lemons

  • Step 2

    Fill mason jars 2/3 full with water and add drops of citronella oil

  • Step 3

    Add lemon slices

  • Step 4

    Add rosemary, mint, basil or sage

  • Step 5

    Add floating candles

  • Step 6

    Light the candles and prepare to dine alfresco!


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