DIY Fall Centerpiece

DIY Fall Centerpiece

It’s no secret; fall is the prettiest season of the year, which makes decorating a breath of fresh air. Get your table ready for sweater weather with this easy-to-make fall centerpiece!

  • Materials:
  • Assortment of faux flowers & greenery stems
  • 18" wire wreath frame
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wire Cutters
  • Decorative gourds
  • Pillar Candles


  1. 1. Cut down faux stems with wire cutters to manageable lengths that fit nicely around the wreath.
  2. "BACARDI¨

    2. Arrange faux stems as desired around wreath.
  3. "BACARDI¨

    3. Begin to hot glue individual stems to wire wreath frame until all pieces are glued in place.
  4. "BACARDI¨

    4. Place wreath at center of table and fill with candles and decorative gourds.
  5. "BACARDI¨

    5. Pour yourself your favorite BACARDI® Mixers signature cocktail to celebrate your creativity and start planning your next fall get together!
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