Donut Centerpiece

Donut Centerpiece

Take your donut game from tame to insane with this easy DIY donut centerpiece and make your appetizer the main attraction! All you’ll need is a few dowels, some concrete, and a box!

  • Materials:
  • Small Bag Ready-To-Use Concrete Mix
  • Bucket Water
  • Inexpensive cardboard gift boxes
  • Wooden Dowels
  • Decorative Spray Paint
  • Steps:

  1. 1. Cut dowels to height desired for centerpiece
  2. "BACARDI¨


    2. Mix concrete mix in bucket according to package directions
  3. "BACARDI¨

    3. Pour into decorative boxes
  4. 4. Push 1 dowel into the center of each box, and smooth concrete to edges. Firmly tap the mold against a horizontal flat surface to remove any trapped air bubbles.
  5. 5. Let dry
  6. "BACARDI¨

    6. Tear off cardboard boxes
  7. "BACARDI¨

    7. Paint the dowels and cement bases
  8. "BACARDI¨

    8. Arrange donuts on the dowels and place the bases together to form the centerpiece.
  9. 9. Enjoy!

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