Hanging Lights

Shine a spotlight on your spectacular party décor with these DIY hanging lights! They’re easy to assemble and quick to hang, and they make it easy to throw a party that will dazzle your friends all night long!

  • You’ll Need:
  • Decorative mason jars
  • Battery operated votive candles
  • Baby’s breath
  • Twine
  • Step 1

    Measure how far you’d like your jars to hang and cut that length of twine accordingly.

  • Step 2

    Hold each end of twine on both sides of the jar (so it arches over top the jar), then wrap more twine around to hold in place (about 5 times).

  • Step 3

    Tie wrapped twine together and then tie hanging twine around that to secure.

  • Step 4

    Insert candles and baby’s breath.

  • Step 5

    Hang up and light up the party!


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