Mini Pinatas

Mini Pinatas

Everybody knows piñatas are a smash at any fiesta. And when you’ve got lots of little piñatas instead of one big one, everybody can get in on the fun! Here’s a crafty way to make your own party activity a hit!

  • Materials:
  • Piñata Design
  • Cardboard
  • Crepe Paper, assorted colors
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue
  • Tape
  • Candy
  • Steps:

  1. "BACARDI¨

    1. Cut out shape of cactus, the size you want your piñata to be on cardboard
  2. "BACARDI¨

    2. Repeat so you have a front and a back to your piñata
  3. 3. Cut narrow strips of cardboard as wide as you wish your piñata to be to create the sides of the piñata. Cut the strips vertically against the horizontal corrugated cardboard lines. This makes it easier to bend.
  4. 4. Hot glue the sides together, rolling the narrow strips along the corrugated ridges to attain a good curve. Leave the bottom piece unattached at one side so you can fill the piñata with candy.
  5. "BACARDI¨

    5. Fold strips of crepe paper, about ¼ inch away from the bottom edge to gain two levels of fringe
  6. 6. Cut strips part way up the crepe paper for fringe, leaving the top ¼ inch for gluing.
  7. "BACARDI¨

    7. Attach crepe paper fringe to the piñata with glue, starting at the bottom and working your way up, overlapping slightly.
  8. 8. Add decorative paper flowers
  9. 9. Fill with candy and tape bottom closed
  10. 10. While the piñata is small, the fun is major when your guests recall making these at your party!

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