Salt a Cocktail Glass

The drink that most commonly calls for a salted rim is the margarita, but you can add salt, sugar or cocoa to the rim of any cocktail. It’s easy to do, and you can easily prepare all your stemware well in advance of your party. Once you have your technique down, experiment with various specialty and spiced salts to add visual and foodie flair to your cocktail menu.

  • You’ll Need:
  • Sugar or salt
  • Lemon or lime wheel
  • Champagne coupe glass
  • Step 1

    Pour about 1/2 cup sugar or salt onto a plate (add more as needed). Slide the lemon or lime wheel around the rim of the glass so the sugar will stick. Discard the lemon/lime wheel when finished.

  • Step 2

    Push rim of glass around plate in a circular motion to coat the inside and outside of the rim of the glass.

  • Step 3

    Now you’ll have a perfectly sugared or salted rim.


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